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We understand that investing in real estate can be a  lucrative yet challenging journey. It can quickly become  overwhelming for an investor who wanted to earn passive income not worry about leaky toilets, managing multiple properties or rent collection. We go above and beyond to provide  premium stress free management. We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, consistent with strong ties to our communities. We’re more than a manager, we’re your partner. Allow us to take a load off your shoulders – we’ll handle the nitty gritty and allow you to enjoy your income property hassle free. 

Our Services

  • Tenant Care

    From collecting rent to maintenance requests, we'll represent the you in the most professional way possible. We ensure your tenant satisfaction and enjoyment making them feel like their home is your home; which in turn lowers vacancy rates.

  • Maintenance Repairs & Emergency Service

    Protect your investment with our full-time maintenance crew and repair services. We ensure that maintenance requests and concerns are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We provide a 24/7 hotline to assist tenants with unexpected after-hour emergencies, such as leaks. We also provide routine checkups to maintain the quality, satisfaction of tenants and prevent unnecessary wear and tear of your investment. Our priority is to keep tenants happy and properties profitable.

  • Tenant Selection & Screening

    We understand comfort, security and peace of mind are the key to owning a successful rental property. We advocate to select the right tenants through our comprehensive screening process that will assist us in making an informed decision based on income, affordability, rental history, credit history, background checks and references from previous landlords.

  • Rent Collection

    We collect rent on a monthly basis. Clean Property Management online portal (through is the preferred method of administering tenant payments. We can also facilitate late payment fees if applicable. Tenants have the option of setting up automatic payments and can pay using their bank account or any major credit card.


Fee Agreement
As a baseline, expect to pay 10% of the monthly rental value of the property, plus other expenses:

Vacant Unit

1 month’s rental percentage up front. This fee is incurred, if you retain our services while the property is vacant. This fee will go towards paying a real estate agent a commission for placing a renter on the property, or to pay the costs of advertising and tenant selection process.

Maintenance Fees

We retain our own full-time maintenance crew. Your agreement and confirmation will be established to consider what will be included as routine maintenance and what will be considered additional. Additional labor costs range from  $20 to $45 per person, plus materials. You will NEVER be blindsided – your confirmation will be required prior to proceeding with any/all additional cost features.


Although we do our best to place the best tenants with the properties we manage. Unfortunately, from time to time some tenants don’t work out. We charge a fee to go through the tedious process of evicting a tenant which is typically around $200-$400 per eviction, plus any applicable court costs.

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